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Roonie's Haunted Ranch is a short turn based rpg developed on rpg maker. It follows the story of Roonie, an anthro cat youth, on a mission to cure her towns farm from possession!

This is my first rpg with combat sequences! Please give feedback :)


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Hi there,

So I played your game and I have the following things to say:

- In its current state unless there's a hidden key item, the game isn't beatable. I reached the final boss at level 9 as there's no random battles and the balance doesn't make sense. Ronnie does only about 17 - 19 damage with the better sword while the boss does 500+ which makes this a battle of attrition due to three hits from the boss and you die. Even with the boss missing, it's impossible as you have to waste turns using potions that only heal 500 HP. In order to make this boss beatable without changing much, turn on random encounters so players can grind for a bit.

- On the note of potions, in the shop, you have two potions listed for the same price. I'm not sure if this was intentional as they link to the same item. Not sure why magic water is in the game if it has no use (I thought this could be used on the boss to do massive damage since undead are generally weak to magic water but no).

- For Combat, there needs to be a little bit more to it. I understand it's supposed to be short but, if MP (holy water restores this) and TP are present in the game, Ronnie should have some native abilities that make combat a bit more interesting and unique to the game

- Not sure if this is intentional but, leaving from the bottom of the second map drops you at the right hand side of the first map (if not intentionally, the player should be dropped at the north end of the map)

- Not gonna dock points for this but, music loops after a very short time and can get annoying.

- I do like what you did with the art direction but, the water should be moving.

If these issues are fixed (water and music excluded), I'll then rate the game.

thank u very much for your comment!!!

not sure how to get the water moving, idk how to use gifs in rpg maker mv yet- do u have any tips?

the potion stuff is a mistake! dont know how to turn off tp and mp tbh. also i dont exactly know how random encounters work yet but ill look into it.

i apologize im really amateurish when it comes to rpg maker! i super duper appretiate the feedback though, these are all things i should definitely look into

Researched how to fix these issues. Will release a fixed version soon! Thank you so much!